Learning cards that are due today not showing up

i updated to FSRS yesterday. set up the settings as recommended. i did a single lecture tag from the anking deck and the cards say they’re due today, 2-23, but they are not showing up on the review or home screen.

When you enabled FSRS, did you tick “Reschedule cards on change”? Or did you use the reschedule option in the Helper add-on? If not, I don’t think FSRS can be the cause, because it hasn’t touched those cards yet.

Some other things to check –

  1. Did you also yesterday/recently upgrade from an older Anki version and/or from the v2 to v3 scheduler?
  2. Do you have any limits in your Deck Options that could be holding back due cards? (Make sure you check the deck they are in and all parent decks they belong to.)
  3. Are any of those Due cards siblings that have been buried today?
  4. Can you post the Card Info (Statistics - Anki Manual) for a couple cards that you’re expecting to see?

If they show as due in the browser but are not appearing for review, that seems to imply that your review limits need to be increased, or you have burying enabled and their siblings are waiting.

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