Support for vertical Mongolian text

I managed to solve the problem myself.
It turns out that it’s the following two statements that do the trick.

writing-mode: vertical-lr;

-webkit-text-orientation: sideways-right;

Hi, I’m trying to get the vertical text work.
I used writing-mode: vertical-lr

On the computer it’s fine, as the following screenshot shows.

But on the iPad app, it’s in a wrong direction.

Is there any way to make it work? Thanks.


I accidentally worked it partially out by using

-webkit-transform: rotate(90deg);

Now on both iOS and the desktop it shows correctly. For a single word it’s perfect. But for a sentence there are quite a lot alignment and margin issues.

For example,


I put a border on dive so that you can see clearly. Because of the way it rotates, there’s a lot of extra space to the left. Any idea how to kill it?

AnkiMobile uses the iOS web view, so text is subject to Safari’s limitations I’m afraid: