Anki on ipad does not support Right to left?

Hey i just bought Anki, despite it is expensive price, there is no Right to left text support, can you fix this ASAP?

RTL should work - you can enable it on your fields using the computer version: Anki Manual

i meant on the ipad app not the desktop version!

I did understand you, but my memory was incorrect - I thought changing the setting on the computer version and syncing to AnkiMobile would enable this, but I just checked, and AnkiMobile does not yet follow the RTL setting unfortunately.

It is still possible to type in RTL text by choosing an appropriate keyboard in the iOS settings, and you can right-align the text by tapping in a field (so the copy/paste menu pops up), and then tapping on the left/right arrow icon. This is not as convenient as having the direction set by default however, and I’ll look at fixing this in the next update.

Ok if you promise i wont ask for a refund
Best regards

I have implemented it in the development code. Would you like to try a beta?

Can i switch back to stable version while saving my cards?
If yes i would like to join beta

Yes, you can switch back to stable without losing your cards, but an extra step is required - please message me if you want to do that. I will send you a TestFlight invite in a private message.