Suggestion: calculate and set optimal retention for all presets

There is currently a button to optimize all presets for FSRS, which is very helpful.

It can be sometimes useful to have a button to calculate and set optimal retention for all presets. I have multiple presets and now I have to do it one by one.

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While it may help some users, I think it will do more harm than good (and yes, I was the one who recommended you to open an issue, but still).
Minimum recommended retention is, well, a minimum. And a lot of the time users would rather set their desired retention higher, even if means doing more work. That, and also this feature makes a lot of assumptions about the way the user is studying, so it’s unclear how useful it actually is.

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It would be useful to have such a function for decks and all its subcodes.

With the current implementation optimizing is quite fast anyway. You should be good with hitting optimize for all and just wait a few minutes.

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FSRS works on a per-preset basis, not per-deck basis.

I know. I meant the preset of the deck and the presets of its subdeck.

Now it works like this, if you have at least one preset that you would not like to optimize, then you have to optimize each preset separately.