STRG+ALT doesnt work

Hi Reader,
the combination of Strg +Alt on german keyboards does not work anymore in Anki Desktop since the last patch. You need this for symbols like {[]}\
The Alt Gr key still works, but is rarely used, at least for me.

This is a toolkit bug, and you may have more luck with the -alternate Anki version.

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In 2.1.35 this error still exists, in 2.1.26 it worked.

Edit: on non German Keyboards STRG+ AlT referres to CTRL+Alt

Hi, I recently also updated to Anki 2.1.35-standard and encountered the same problem of not being able to use Ctrl+Alt as modifiers for €{[]}\ etc. Like the user deadfriendly, I use Ctrl+Alt instead of Altgr on my German keyboard.

The workaround of installing Anki 2.1.35-alternate fixed it for me.