Space Bar delay

This is from someone else’s post, however they did not get an answer and their question closed automatically after 30 days. This is also happening to me, and seems to be a common problem however none of the suggested solutions are working for me. Any suggestions? (I have tried redownloading Anki, restarting my MacBook etc)

I’ve been using Anki 23.12.1 for a while now and I’ve always had one issue. When I hit the space bar to reveal an answer, nothing happens. I’m shown the options for again, hard, good, easy but there is no answer displayed. If I wait 10 to 20 seconds the answer will display or if I move my mouse over the card then the answer will display.

The suggestion for you would be the same as for them – start with the Troubleshooting checklist (Troubleshooting - Anki Manual) and if that doesn’t resolve things, let us know what you found when you went thorugh the steps.

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