Pressing the spacebar doesn't show the answer

Hi, I am in trouble with Anki Mac (Apple Silicon ver).
I use Mac book air M2 13 inch.

If you press the space key to display the answer, the answer will not be displayed. The same thing happens when you press the enter key.
Double-clicking on the trackpad temporarily resolves the issue, but it immediately reoccurs. This problem did not occur if I used the answer button on the screen.
It seems that the answer is simply not displayed. Pressing the enter key again will move on to the next question, but unless you double-click to display the answer, the answers to subsequent questions will no longer be displayed. Audio flows well.
It’s very inconvenient.

I tried various things. Try using a previous version, restart your mac, change the deck settings or name, try changing the input system you use (I usually use a Japanese keyboard), Rebuild the database, check the media, blank card, etc.
However, it did not solve the problem. This problem does not occur with Anki Mobile.
help me. thank you.

Please see Troubleshooting - Anki Manual, especially the video driver section.

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Thank you so much.
I will try and reply when I get home.

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