Sort/order by a field without decreasing the due number? (for MorphMan and movies2anki)

Hi. I use movies2anki and MorphMan. If I let MorphMan sort the cards of a video, they end up mixed up compared to the original order. The original order can be achieved by sorting the cards by a field. I’d like the cards’ due numbers to be shifted only forward to get them into the original order.

For example (probably bad Python; n is the card’s number in a list sorted by the field, .order is the card’s Due number):

for n in range(2, len(cards)):
    if cards[n].order not > cards[n - 1].order:
        cards[n].order = cards[n - 1].order + 1

Is there an addon like that? It should work only on the selected cards or the cards in a particular deck, preferably with 2.1.22. Thanks.

Couldn’t you just just filter cards with the tag mm_vocab, then order as you want?
or set a filter to select all the other tags and suspend them,
or move all the vocab cards to a separate deck, and then order them?

Because afaik Morphman will show you the cards in order of how often that morpheme appears in your stock of card (or according to frequency list if you used one), and it makes sense for a lot other uses.

I modified the morphemizer to count also two-word combinations, so cards are less likely to be vocab ones. Also, I’d like the video cards to make some sense, so the cards should appear later rather than sooner than MorphMan says, but still in the order of the video.

P.S.: actually, my vocab cards are mostly arithmetics and movies2anki; the search was restricted.