Sort filter deck by custom field?

I have a filter deck which displays particular cards. When reviewing this filter deck, I’d like the cards to come in a specific order based on the values of a particular field (The field only contains number, so I would like to sort ascending based on this field). Is there anyway to do this?

The options only allow you sort by Order added, but that’s not good for me as the card were not added in order (and I’ve got too many cards to do that now).

I know I can change the sort order in the browser, but I want to control that order when I review the cards via the filter deck.

Sorry, it’s not possible to sort a filtered deck based on field text.

@dae Please consider adding the ability to sort filter decks by any field. It would be useful for the following use cases:

  • Learning the lines of a play
  • Learning conversation trees in languages
  • Learning steps in a procedure

Although one can sort by date added, there are situations where the order can change so being able to sort by a custom field would be very useful.


Instead of making cards depend on a specific order that you have to go through every time, you may want to look into a tool like LPCG (Lyrics/Poetry Cloze Generator) - AnkiWeb to add context to your cards. That way the cards don’t depend on a specific order, and they can be answered out of order, and scheduled separately.

Thanks! I had actually tried that module previously, but I found it wasn’t as helpful as practising the cards in a filter deck in order. Thanks anyway! :slight_smile: