Some problems about strikethrough

I want to add some strikethrough text like t̶̶h̶̶i̶̶s̶ . I know this can be added by some html tags . However, the position of strikethrough text is not fixed. Are there any way to embed html element for anki to parse it. And I have find some strikethrough text can be added in the anki card directly, However, when I try to add other text, it may simple show some garbled text. Why this happens? And how can generate strikethrough text that anki will not recognize as garbled text.

By the way here is my code to generate strikethrough text it works.But when I put it in anki it show garbled text>

def add_strikethrough(text):
    result = ''
    for char in text:
        result += char + '\u0336'  
# Add the combining long stroke overlay character
    return result

This is how it’s showing for me using the unicode character:

Can you post a screenshot?

I copy this from pycharm and post it in my anki.

What does the HTML editor show? Can you post the text too? (Use the </> button in the forum editor)

That is the h?e?l?l?o?.

By the way I use window 10 and when I use some online strikethrough text convertor it works fine.

<a href="h?e?l?l?o?">h?e?l?l?o?</a>

The text shows like this for me when I copy it from the PyCharm console:

The problem is probably something in your PyCharm or system configuration.

Okay I will check it out. Thank you.

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