Simple interface. Clear and readable UI

I’d love to get back to a simpler interface. I preferred having one toolbar over three now. It allowed me to better focus on the text input. The more cluttered interface, the more focus is on the app itself and the less on the knowledge that it should support to remember. Please get back out of that rabbit hole.

Complex interface will scare off some users. I believe that more fancy UI would be better to be left to plugins.

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There is some work currently being done to improve the UI, but consider that producing a good UI is not that easy. Just throwing away chunks of the interface is not a viable solution as these buttons are useful to most users. Anyways, expect the UI to change again in the next few versions.


This is good news. Today I have installed 2.1.54 and decided to register on the forums and write the post. For now I’m going to stay with 2.1.49. I know that making a good UI is a challange. That’s why UI/UX designers exist. I’m happy to hear improvements are on the way.

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