Show summary of differences between desktop/AnkiWeb when prompting user

At present, if a user’s decks have diverged between the desktop app and Ankiweb, a popup message is displayed on the desktop app indicating this and prompting the user to decide which version to keep.

It would be great if some summary information could be included as well, describing the differences at a high-level, e.g.:

  • number of decks/items (or some other measure of size)
  • last modification date

For the size, a relative number could be displayed (e.g. web has 4 more card than desktop).

In many cases, this may be enough for the user to decide which version they want to keep.

If you’re interested, this topic has already been discussed here:


Thanks! I tired searching for a similar issue, but didn’t see that one. Thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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