Show siblings, related cards on note as tag?

Is it possible to show related cards to the one you’re currently studying in the note itself?
As tags or as a field. If this isn’t possible, could anyone direct me to a method in which this is possible?
Ideally, one would have a note with:
{{Expression}} → Eat
{{Expression}} → I eat a lot
And have this second note show up in the first note.
Anyways, thanks for reading and for the help!

I have a very over engineered spreadsheet that I use to automatically add this sort of information to my Chinese cards before importing them. At some point I plan to write an add-on to handle it instead.

Wow…I don’t understand that spreadsheet completely, but it looks like it’s just what I’m looking for :smiley: If you ever make an addon I’ll be looking out for it! If you have github, I could follow you there so I don’t miss it. Have a great day

Yeah, I made the mistake of using Google Docs, which after adding so much can’t handle more than 100 words or so at a time. It started out simple and I slowly added stuff - right now it calculates information about frequency, character breakdowns, other words that use the same characters, similar looking characters, whether to add audio cards if it’s a multiple character words, whether to add traditional cards if the traditional characters are different, and so on.

You can find me at roxgib · GitHub


You can’t convert it to LibreOffice Calc? I’ve found LibreOffice has been able to handle some pretty advanced stuff, including some sheets with thousands of rows and many calculations in the columns. Saving the sheet as a .csv and then importing into Anki works a treat!

Yes, but the formula syntax isn’t the same, and at this point it would be easier to redo it in Python that trying to fix it