Show factor on the back of a card

Dear Anki community,

I’m trying to find a way to show what Anki calls factor internally which defaults to 2.5 250%. This way, I’d not have to tap “card info” on every card.

Some add-ons can do so, such as :

  • Extended Card Stats During Review
  • Additional Card Fields (Fork for 2.1)

But as Anki iPad app does not support add-ons, I don’t know how to do. Is there any way to show this information on the card ?

Best regards,

@kleinerpirat posted an example of how this can be accomplished on Additional Card Fields [Official thread] - #29 by kleinerpirat. I think the custom scheduling is currently broken in the app store release, but it has been fixed in the current beta version. If you’d like to try it, please see Beta Testing - AnkiMobile Manual

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