Shorten buttons or use images

Please use symbols or shorter terms in German :slight_smile:

you can barely understand what the word should mean at the top.

That can be a problem even on the desktop version, the English language is simply better with succinct short names. However, the German translations are often very formal and explicit, where the English equivalents are context-reliant short names. So maybe some improvements could be made.
Feel free to make suggestions as localisations are made by us, the community.
I can think of “Stöbern” instead of “Kartenübersicht”, just “Stapel” instead of “Stapelübersicht”, “Ändern” instead of “Bearbeiten” and maybe “Neu” instead of “Hinzufügen”.

Many of the top items have separate ‘short’ forms:

It looks like not all of them do though, which is a byproduct of the fact that the English versions were already short. I’ve made a note to go through and add extra short forms so translators will be able to make these strings shorter.