Shortcuts for deleting text in input fields

I would like to be able to CTRL-k to delete to the right of the cursor, CTRL-w to delete last word in front of cursor ala how it works in a terminal or in a webbrowser. Not a qt developer so not sure how to add this.

Never heard of those, but Ctrl+Backspace and Ctrl+Del work just fine in Anki.

Ctrl-k is a well-known Emacs-like binding. Some software have an option in their settings to enable these Emacs-like bindings, such as Firefox, some toolkit allow you to set these keybindings at the toolkit level, such as gtk, and some DE allow some kind of a “global remapping”, such as Gnome. Bash (and probably most unix shells) also have Emacs-like bindings, which also include Ctrl-y to paste text, or Ctrl-w to cut it. But I have to admit I have never seen a key binding set that had both Ctrl-k that would delete to the end (following Emacs-like bindings), and Ctrl-w deleting the “last word in front of cursor”, which is not what Emacs-like bindings would do (not sure if it’s either deleting what is behind the cursor — “last word” — or “in front” of the cursor, but these would be either Alt-d or Alt-Backspace respectively).

However, I don’t think there is something similar for Qt (ie. setting a particular key bindings scheme for all Qt applications, system-wide).

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I wouldn’t want to set it system-wide, just enable it in Anki. I am not sure where in the source code I would do that though (why I asked about qt).