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Shortcut to switch between tabs?

Hi all,

Thank you for reading this. Here’s my setup:

  • MacOS: 11.5
  • Anki: 2.1.43

Issue: is there a shortcut to switch between Anki tabs?

Thank you!

There are shortcuts for opening the following Anki windows from the main window:

Window Shortcut
Decks D
Add A
Browse B
Stats T

When these are open, you can cycle through them using your OS’s shortcuts. For Windows, that would be Alt+Tab, for Mac it’s +~ or something like that.


Thank you for the response. Is there a way to assign a shortcut to switch between Anki tabs specifically—like how it is for Chrome?

In Chrome, the tabs are part of Chrome’s interface. Anki has no tabs - you are using the tabs provided by macOS, and will need to use the shortcuts macOS provides. Maybe you can customize them.