Shortcut doesn't work: ident

Hello There,
I noticed that the shortcuts ctrl + shift + , and shortcuts ctrl + shift + . for increase and decrease ident don’t work in the add window. I have a german key layout, I don’t know if the problem lies in this. The functions of the buttons work fine.
I used the latest version 2.1.54 (b6a7760c)⁩ on Windows.

I hope this will help develop the program.

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Can you reproduce this without any add-on?

I have no add-on installed.

@hengiesel does this happen for you too?

I just realized, that the problem realy lies in the different keyboard layout. With the english UK keyboard this works fine. But it doesn’t with the german one.

I tried reproducing this with a custom layout, and found the following behavior. If I click on a field to focus it, pressing on Ctrl-. or Ctrl-, works. Pressing again will remove the list, as wanted, but unfocuses the field, in the sense that it’s still highlighted in blue (dark mode), but I can’t type in anymore, I have to click again with the mouse.

I see what you mean and can reproduce this behavior. The shortcuts Ctrl+. and Ctrl+, work fine, how you described. Only the shortcuts Ctrl+Shift+. and Ctrl+Shift+, don’t work with the german keyboard.