Shared Decks and Risks

Dear all,

I have Anki Desktop.
I am curious to know if I use a shared deck, the owner of the deck has any control over my copy? Do they see who is using their deck? Can they see my IP address or my email account? I really want to study the deck, but I am new to Anki and when I was importing the deck, there was a pop-up question about scheduled information what gave me the impression that the person who created the deck can control it, see who is using it etc. Please, if you can, help me understand and be less afraid to use Anki.

if I use a shared deck, the owner of the deck has any control over my copy…Do they see who is using their deck?..Can they see my IP address or my email account?

No to all of these questions, more info about the privacy policy can be viewed here

Thank you. I do not understand how the scheduling information works. If I want to get a deck update, I need to ask the owner to send it to me? Could you try and explain it to me? I am trying my best to understand and to read about Anki.

" * As decks and add-ons are contributed by other Anki users, they may contain links to third party servers not under our control. This includes any images embedded in the deck or add-on descriptions - when you view a description on AnkiWeb, your browser will fetch any images that are hosted on remote sites, and those remote sites will learn of your IP address, and may send a tracking cookie when an image is fetched from them."

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Ordinarily, no. But it sounds like you may have downloaded a deck with some special update features. If you can post the message or the deck specifics, perhaps someone can comment on that.

This is an ordinary warning, because users might not be aware that an Anki card is built like a tiny website. It’s no different from you going to any website that displays remote images. If your deck contains links that you click on, or remote images that need to be fetched, Anki can’t control what those sites are doing.

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