Share decks on mobile

On the iOS/iPad OS version, there is not a way to export and share a deck I have made to other people. I know I can direct them to the ankiweb download, but if I do not want my deck to be public, is there a way to export the .apkg file and share it directly in iOS or iPad OS?


I’m not an Ankimobile user, but it seems that exporting individual decks is still not supported in Anki mobile.

You can easily use Anki desktop for that:


No you’re right.

I know the desktop app can do that. I was just hoping it could be added to mobile since I primarily use the iOS (iPad) app and dont always have desktop access.

Updates to import/export are near the top of the todo list, so this feature should not be too far off.

If Ankimobile could export apkgs could I also use this as described at Collection Transfer - AnkiMobile Manual to copy over (“sync”) reviews to and from an iphone without having to copy my huge media collection each time?

I’m especially interested in this because I can’t set a custom sync server at the moment (Custom Anki Server iOS - #3 by Budrus).

When you haven’t made media changes, you can export a colpkg without media and import it to another device - any existing media will be retained.