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Shake to Undo (AnkiMobile 20075.3)

I’m experiencing an issue that I can’t seem to disable the Shake to Undo action during reviews. I didn’t make any changes to the settings, but I recently noticed this action was active during reviews – however in the settings it says it would be turned off (Settings → Review → Shake → Disabled, English translation by myself).

I’m not sure if this change was introduced in 20075.2 or in 20075.3. I just did some testing to confirm this issue is present in both of these builds of version 2.0.75, but not in version 2.0.74 available from the App Store. I guess some settings were overlooked when more undo actions were added in the recent updates?

It’s been fixed with build 20075.4 :partying_face:

Thank you for the report!