Is it possible to make the "Undo" action also undo note suspension in addition to review?

This is something that I’m very used to on AnkiDroid as well as on the desktop version, so after I started using AnkiMobile I was quite surprised to see that “Undo” would only undo the review. If I decided to suspend a note, but then realize I didn’t really want to do that, there’s no other way to undo the suspension, other than going into the card browser and actually locating that note, then making a couple of clicks to unsuspend, which is quite inefficient. (Compared to swiping left which is my shortcut for “Undo”).

Would it be possible to make the “Undo” action also undo a note suspension? I wonder if there are some deeper constraints on iOS that makes it difficult, or was that simply a design decision. IMO the behavior of AnkiDroid/desktop on this makes much more sense.

I don’t see an issue tracker for AnkiMobile though I see similar issues discussed on the old forum. So I guess this is the place to post.

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The computer version’s undo support could use improving as well, as it currently can only handle a single step for things other than reviews. It’s something I’d like to tackle, but will be a while longer I’m afraid, as there are some other changes to scheduling and import/export that need to happen first.