Remapping undo/go back - to swipe


Sometimes I heave a great idea for enhancing the last card and want to go back

This is available and mapped to the “shake to undo” operation on iOS. Thank you!

I want to map it to something more aesthetic and less prone to accidental triggering: is there a tool which does this so I can map it to eg swipe-right and disable the undo shake mapping?

If not, can you please add it?

Note: I sometimes would also like to go back and edit the last card I added. “Undo” doesn’t work in this case - and the idea of undo to re-edit makes less sense. Can we also get back to go to the last edit card if that’s the last place visited? It doesn’t have to switch to edit mode. Thanks.

I’m pretty sure this is configurable, but I’m not on iOS so I’m not 100% sure. Check out this section of the manual (The Tools Screen and Actions):

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You are 100% correct it’s the last action!

I have now enabled what I wanted.

I can’t see any way to turn off the shake gesture entity though

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In Settings>Review you can set the Shake Action to Off if you wish to disable it.

Perfect. I guess I was used to other multi select lists in other apps which place the special “off” or “none” item at the beginning of the list, rather in alphabetical order with the others.