Selected field is not clearel

Running 30c6bd58c99da4f9f9f5176ebaac6bbb819c7e5c with shift pressed to remove add-ons

How to reproduce:

  • open add note. Enter values in any fields.
  • While the cursor is in a field with text, not sticky field, press ctrl+enter

Expected result:

  • the field is emtpied

Actual result:

  • the field value is kept


  • if instead of the shortcut, I click on “add”, the field is emptied

Sigh, didn’t notice this report until after releasing rc2. Thanks Arthur. :slight_smile:

I suspect it’s related. In the browser, if you press ctrl+n/p, the content of the field having the cursor is copied to the new selected note.
The issue don’t occur if you just click on another note in the list.

Edit: I had forgotten to pull. It seems it was solved in recent commit