Turning off a sticky field should perhaps clear the field

Perhaps it’s just me, but when I use the sticky field for a couple of cards and want to proceed normally by turning it off, my next immediate task is to remove the contents of the sticky field.

I think this step is redundant. And especially with images, it’s not very easy to select the contents of the field in a bulletproof manner.

Or maybe a clear/“x” button next to it would be nice.

Would disrupt my workflow, as I turn a sticky field off before advancing to the next note.

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I see, so either the clear field button or perhaps a setting for this behavior under preferences?

Where is the challenge to press cmd + a and backspace to delete the unwanted field content?

As I stated above, it’s not as easy.

If I click on the image and press cmd+A it won’t select the field contents but rather everything (visually) and it won’t let me press delete. This is a bug btw.

If I select the image and press left or right the cursor will not appear.

I have to click next to it. And as you can see there’s little space. So I need to make the image smaller by double clicking first to easily place the cursor next to the image. Then I can finally cmd+a.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong here.

But since I work with big screenshots of schemas and such. This is quite cumbersome.

Why not doing as @ferophila does, which seems to me the intended way of doing this, which is toggling the sticky field before passing to the next note?

True, and I’ve been trying to do so. But it still happens quite often that I end up with one less card than I had planned for and then I gotta clear the field.

Again, the fact that I can’t cmd+a nor move left/right with the arrow buttons after having clicked on an image is what makes this very cumbersome. So perhaps I should open an issue about that instead.

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Yes, it seems to me to. You can always open the HTML editor, where there are no images to block you.

I ended up making my own addon to solve this issue.

Now, when I press cmd+DEL (even when the caret/cursor isn’t active like when you click on an image) or middle click anywhere on the field. It will clear the contents immediately.

This is so much faster and I wish that it would be built-in.

I’ll publish the addon soon if anyone’s interested.

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