Searching Korean Words

I’m trying to filter my Korean deck by letters that appear next to each other. For instance, in English you can easily search for any word that has the letters “ing” within a specific field.

I’m essentially trying to do the same thing for Korean but it’s proving difficult because letters are combined. So I tried using the “no combining” search feature, but this does a search across all fields and doesn’t search for more than one character.

I want to search for words in field “Word” that have “ㅇ” and “ㄹ” beside each other. (Example: 정류장, 대통령, 명령, etc)

Hi puresilhouette, I suggest to ask this question in the Anki Language Learning Reddit community. We can help you more there. The reason I suggest to ask there is because we have community members focused on Anki and language learning there, plus it would help the rest of the community who have a similar problem. Cheers, Mark (Speakada)

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