Filtering cards by characters presence in a specific field

I’m studying Japanese Vocabulary through an AnkiDeck available at AnkiWeb. I want to filter this deck according to my Kanjis of interest, so I can focus my studies on the words that contains an specific Kanji. However, this deck contains many secondary fields (i.e. sentences applications) and a simple search as “my_deck:事” will filter every card that contains the Kanji 事 in both main and secondary fields.

I know that it’s possible to do a targeted search for an specific field, like: “my_deck:my_field:仕事”. However, I wonder if there’s a way of targeting all the words that contain the Kanji 事 in my_field. Is it possible?

Sure, it should work just like any other character/string. Searching - Anki Manual

Thank you very much! I was trying “ my_deck:my_field: 事 * ” without success. All I should do was “ my_deck:my_field: * 事 * ” :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t ever tried that format for the search, I just use what the manual says. The deck and field name area separately spcified, and you don’t want spaces in your search string unless you’re looking for spaces.
deck:my_deck my_field:*事*

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