Searching an addon which able to transform lowercase in upercase and vice versa

Everything is in the title. Thanks in advance for your help

Could you be a bit more specific? When I read your title, I just ask myself why don’t you just delete the lowercase letter, and replace it with a capital one, or vice-versa.
This is probably not what you intended (replacing a single letter), but more details would help us understand what you want.

for Anki 2.0 there was an add-on named Uppercase and Lowercase, github repo at GitHub - Wandaymo/anki-uppercase-lowercase: In this repository is the source code for the Uppercase and Lowercase extension for Anki software., that could be adopted to 2.1. Due to changes in Anki 2.1 over the last three years there’s not one code that runs across all anki 2.1 versions so you’d have to say which version you use.

there are many discussions about this, also on the anki subreddit, see e.g. the results of this google search: uppercase - Google Search

I would be able to select all a sentence or paragraph and just click on a button which could transform all the caracters in uppercase or lowercase.

This feature exists on the website “Canva” and it’s really useful.

Yes it is exactly that I’m searching.
I currently use the version 2.1.26. How can I do to install it ?
Thanks in advance

you can’t install it. someone would need to update the code and the update would have to target also your dated Anki 2.1.26.

Hi, I finally found my solution by updating my Anki in 2.1.49 and by installing this addon:

It’s wonderful to use !
Thanks for your help

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