Capital letters in images extensions

Hello, it looks like Anki differentiates lowercase and uppercase image extensions, which is causing a lot of problems: the images aren’t shown, or they are considered by Anki to be “unused” even though they are (and they are deleted). Normally, softwares are coded to ignore capital letters in extensions, but it doesn’t seem to be the case in Anki. Maybe this should be modified in a futur update?

Is there a walk around ?

I can reproduce that for the media check, but images show up fine regardless of the capitalisation.
As for the workaround, there are tools to automatically rename batches of files and in Anki, you can use the Find and Replace tool to convert all extensions in image references to lowercase (or uppercase, I won’t judge).

Ok, thank you for your answer, I will try that.

I still think that a change in the media check could be interesting (it seems that it always wants to delete capital letters image extensions even if they are used)

As you can see in my photo, unless I change all extensions as you just said, I can’t use the “unused media delete function”

If you are manually adding files to the media folder, it is your responsibility to ensure the filenames match your field names. Some platforms have case-sensitive filesystems, so if the media check ignored case, you’d find the files failed to appear when switching devices.

Ok, I understand the case-sensitive reason.
But are you saying that it is impossible to use the media check if I’m using images with uppercase extensions ? Because, I already checked that the names in the card field was the exact same as in the media folder, but the images are still considered to be unused… which seems strange.

The media check tool requires the cases to match. You have PNG on your fields, but png on the filenames on disk. Since there is no PNG file to match what is used on the fields, media check reports the PNG file is missing.

Understood, thank you.