Search terms after update to 2.1.26


I’ve just updated to 2.1.26 on a Mac.

In the past I regularly did searches like this:
-“2”: “2 ~”: -“2”:<img

Show me, if “2” is not empty, and “2 ~” is empty, and in “2” is no image.

But after the update cards with these parameters won’t be found anymore. Is there some change with the search terms through the last update or am I overlooking something?

I tried also these both, but the won’t work either:
“2”:* “2 ~”: -“2”:<img
* “2 ~”:


Hi Turmfunk,

You can fix these searches by moving the closing quote to the end of the text:

-"2:" "2 ~:" -"2:<img"

Recent versions no longer support quoting just the field. You can quote either the "entire:term" , or just the part:"after a colon"


Thanks. I’ve altered it everywhere and it works well again.

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