Search function no longer working [SOLVED]

Ever since I updated to Version ⁨2.1.42, the search bar is no longer working properly. Namely, I search in the browser for a term which I know is in the deck, but nothing comes up (e.g. below).

I’d like to know: Am I doing something wrong, is this a know problem for this version, or is it a problem specific to me?

I had a similar problem with the OR search operator. When i disabled the add-onn “Ignore accents in browser search” my problem was solved.

I disabled add-ons on startup to check if this was the problem, but it persisted nonetheless

The I would try to upgrade to the 2.1.43 or 2.1.44. In those versions the searchfunction has changed again.

Just tried this, didn’t work either :confused:

Try searching for “dumbbells” and “fibrillation”.


Ohh!! No way I was this goddamn stupid hahaha. The two words I tried searching I misspellt. Thank you for the help @Rumo @Luka

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