Reviews not shown in the card info dialog

I noticed something odd in my card info for a particular card today. The “Reviews” column in the browser and then the “Reviews” property in the card info dialog states the card has been reviewed 62 times. I thought this was odd because I thought it was a relatively straightforward card, so I wanted to look closer. When I went into the card info, I was surprised to find there are only 24 reviews listed!

Out of curiosity, is there a limit on how many entries can be shown in the card info dialog, or are reviews before a certain Anki version not available for display? This is something I haven’t encountered before. (The card was created in 2010 on Anki 1.something real old, so version or database-format differences could definitely have something to do with it.) It does appear that the card had been reviewed prior to the first entry, since its ease is already 132% and it has an interval of 19 days on that review.

There is no limit, and I think history recording was a think even back in 1.x. Did you enter the card in yourself, or is it possible you imported it from some other system like Mnemosyne?

Obviously I have no recollection of entering this individual card 10 years later, but judging by the content, I would think I entered it myself directly into Anki. To my memory, I’ve never used any other general-purpose SRS aside from trying it out, so it wouldn’t have been an import with scheduling information.

I took a peek at the database and the reps field of the card is 62, but there are indeed only 24 rows in the revlog table under that card ID.

If you have no idea, probably not worth spending your time figuring it out since there’s no evidence of any ongoing data loss – more curious than anything else.

Nothing to offer but guesses I’m afraid - maybe a syncing or export/import bug in the past perhaps.