Reviewing Old Cards

I want to review my deck, but the screen says “congratulations you have finished this deck for now”. It has been over 24 hours since I’ve added any new cards to this deck. Is it possible to review old cards, or can you only study new cards when you make them? I have tried reading the Anki Guide, but I didn’t find an answer

Look for an option called “Custom study” to study more cards that what is scheduled for today.

Do you always have to create a custom study session to study a card more than once?


When you study a card, you click one of the four buttons at the bottom of the card, to say whether you want to see it again immediately, or whether it was hard / correct / easy.

Then the card is put back in the queue to be shown to you again at a later time. If you said it was hard, you will see it again soon. If you said it was easy, it will be longer before you see it again.

How long will it be until a see an “easy card” again?

This is all explained here:

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