Review ahead by order due doesn’t work

When I try to review 1 day ahead, the cards are always presented in alphabetical order.

If I go to the custom Study option for the custom deck, “order due” is selected but the cards always appear in alphabetical order. If I select “random” and rebuild the deck, this option works, however switching back to “order due” and rebuilding again presents the cards in alphabetical order.

The filter for the deck is
prop:due<=1 deck:B1_Wortliste_DTZ_Goethe

Im using version 24.04

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong ?

What other order are you expecting them – since they are all due tomorrow? They aren’t due at specific times, just on the date. Anki must be following back on some other underlying ordering. Perhaps the order they were created, or the order they were first introduced, or the order of their sort fields matches alphabetical order? Since all the cards are due on the same date, “random” seems like it will be closer to what you’re looking for.

Ok the issue is that the default deck order is “due date, then random”. I would expect this to be the default for a custom study deck. Shame that it’s not even an option.

Thanks for the info I guess I have to set this manually for each review ahead I do.

Oh, I see – I don’t think the display order of the cards in their home decks enters into it. But if they are all due on the same day, then “due date, then random” is the same as “random.”

If you are doing review-ahead regularly, you don’t have to start over and set it manually every time – you can keep your Filtered/Custom deck there, with the settings you want. Just “Empty” it, and then “Rebuild” it when you want to study again. (But also, if you are doing review-ahead regularly, make sure you are keeping this advice in mind – Filtered Decks - Anki Manual .)

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I’m not reviewing ahead often, but I’m doing a lot of reviews so occasionally it helps me catch up, or get ahead if I have missed a few days for example.

Thanks for the explanation !

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Related issue: Filtered decks should shuffle identical values · Issue #3214 · ankitects/anki · GitHub

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Have you tried putting a filtered deck in a regular one and doing a review through it?

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