Resetting practice interval

I set some decks for interval of 15 days and some for 30 days for reviewing.
But I want to align all decks for 30 days interval.

I reset all cards and redid setting interval for 30 days but still some cards are showing up as 15 days interval mode while practicing on iphone.

Please guide me through how to set all the cards for 30 days interval.

Thank you for your time.

The terminology of the program can be very specific, what exactly do you mean by “Practice Interval”, or what exactly do you want to do?

Assuming all cards / subdecks are using the same deck option post, and you’re working about interval of review cards, which parameter have you set to 30 days in your deck options?

Thank you for the reply.

I meant the interval that cards cycle by “practice interval.”
When I grouped decks as a group, some decks had 15-day interval and some had 30-day.
And I want all cards to be 30 days interval but I’m not sure how to reset cards to set up for a new interval.

Your “30 day interval” deck preset has a maximum period set to 15 days. You’ll need to change that if you want a maximum of 30.

In Anki, intervals refer only to review (learned) cards, not to new (not learned) ones, and you can’t set a fixed interval for your review cards, since the main point of SRS is that the software will decide when it’s better for you to review your cards again. Having said that, you can set a max interval of 30 days, if you want.

For new cards, you can set a learning step of 30 days in your deck options screen, just make sure that all your cards share the same deck option preset.

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