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Repositioning of suspended cards still not working in 2.1.47

@dae: In the jump to 2.1.45 there was a regression that prevented suspended cards from being repositioned. In the betas for 2.1.47, the change log indicates that you desired to restore the ability to reposition suspended cards. (Which would be great to have that functionality back).

Anyhow, I am still running rc1, but I didn’t see in the post-rc1 change log anything related to this.

Thus, it appears that in 2.1.47, suspended cards still are not allowed to be repositioned. However, it is returning an odd error, when trying to reposition, it says, “Only new cards can be repositioned.” This is even when a card is clearly new. However, if you unsuspend the card, then you can reposition it. But suspend it again, and try to reposition it and it gives the error of only new cards can be suspended.

I’ll look into it

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Please let me know how you go with the latest release candidate: 2.1.48 Release Candidate

I just did a quick test and it seems to be working. If I catch any yet unseen problems, I’ll let you know.

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