Replace JPEG with newer image formats (.WebP, .AVIF, .JXL)


  • AnkiWeb will consume less space, which should save costs in hosting in long term
  • Users will use more images without worrying about storage
  • Syncing images will be faster (less size, more speed)


Until JPEG XL rolls out in Chromium browsers, Anki can use JPEG XL by default and rollback to AVIF or WebP for AnkiWeb

Last discussion and Issue tracker: Supported media not properly counted for shared decks - #2 by dae

Source: It’s High Time to Replace JPEG With a Next-Generation Image Codec

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I looked into Webp a bit when I asked about it earlier in this Forums.

  • I think the current Anki is not able to convert Jpeg to Webp. Perhaps an additional module is needed.(dwebp, PIL?)

  • Using the same method as “Paste images As Webp” add-on, there is a problem that animated Pngs and Gifs are converted to static images.(Although not jpeg)

  • The latest AnkingV12 deck already converts images to webp, but it seems that some media are not converted to webp because they are required to be high quality rather than size.

  • If all the jpegs and pngs in the Anking deck(V11) were converted to webp, it seems that a 3G deck becomes about 1G.

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Originally this post was only about JXL, but because of the lower adoption decided to talk about others, but JXL is the one I’m truly hyped about

While WebP and AVIF are great alternatives, JXL have backwards compatibility with JPEG

A unique feature of JPEG XL is that it is possible to recompress existing JPEG images (of which there are a lot out there!) to a JPEG XL file that is on average about 20% smaller, without introducing any loss. In fact, the bit-exact same JPEG file can be reconstructed from the JPEG XL file.
The Case for JPEG XL

JPEG XL for clients and convert to JPEG (instead of AVIF/WebP) for Ankiweb until Google/Chromium browsers supports it

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