Repeat cards in folder in order of creation

Hi All!

I’ve being enjoying anki for quite some time but there is something I can’t figure out, here is my use case.

They way I’m learning to code usually is that I’m designing 10-20 min exercises to code up a small app or any other stuff I’m currently learning.

The exercise usually is broken down into several steps, like:

  1. Create a main function,
  2. Write a function that does this,
  3. Write a unit-test for the function,
  4. Create a next function that does this.
  5. ect ect.

See where I’m going with this?
I would need anki to repeat the whole folder of cards in order of creation.
So in a sense, the full folder would be a subject of the spaced repetition system and not the individual cards.
And at the same time, the folder would go into the standard anki logic of ‘easy’, ‘hard’ ect if I didn’t hit a specific % (like 80%) reviewing the folder.


Sounds like a good way to learn coding, but not like something Anki can help with. For one thing, Anki’s algorithm is made to schedule cards with one atomic piece of information each. No doubt, the “forgetting curve” is entirely different for a whole project.
Aside from that, wouldn’t you benefit much more from writing different apps, anyway?

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Thanks for answer, will search an solution elsewhere then.

As for: “wouldn’t you benefit much more from writing different apps, anyway?”
I’m using this as a entry point to a topic, when I need to memorize particular, miniscule features of a library. I sometimes only have like 20 min per day, so this system works for me.