Different way to do space repetition with Anki

Hello! I’m in need of some help here.

I’m learning german and I’d like to start with german sentences in Anki in a different way. My idea is to have, for example, 100 sentences (german to english), study them in order 1-100 in regular Anki fashion. Then, study them in “active” mode, that is, english to german by hitting 10 sentences each day (in order, i.e. 1-10, next day 11-20, etc.), and as days go by, having to review each pack of 10 three or four days in a row.

It would look like this:

1 day of active learning:


2 day:

11-20, review 1-10

3 day:

21-30, review 1-10; review 11-20

4 day:

31-40; review 1-10; review 11-20, review 21-30

… and so on…

Is it possible to set up something like this with Anki?

make custom steps in minutes, for instance, the default plus 3 steps of one day: 1 10 1400 1400 1400.

Create a new deck with a dedicated group setting and set new card count to 10. I am guessing you already have both card types (English to German and German to English. So you would only need to move one card type. Additionally I suggest to use the deck override functionality for future card additions.

I’ve been exploring Anki a bit and a got the reverse deck working.
I was thinking about makind¡g filters decks but I haven’t pull it off yet. Do you know how to do a search of cards by groups of ten for example?

In filtered decks you can set a limit, no in your case you will set it at 10 cards. By default it is 100 cards.

I did that but, how do I filter the second pack of ten, and then the third and so on? I suppose you do that in a different filtered deck but I don’t know how to do the search to obtain the cards that I want.
Should I look for a different software?