Rendering/displaying issues with Qt5 on i3

Dear all,

Have been using Anki for years, on Desktop, Browser and iOS.

Now that the time has come for me to not being able to sync my old Ubuntu’s repo version, I had to upgrade to the versions made available via ankiweb

Unfortunately, this is completely unusable as nothing renders correctly. The tips over at the docs don’t solve it (tried both auto and software for gldriver), forcing WAYLAND doesn’t solve it and debugging via QT_DEBUG_PLUGINS doesn’t yield anything enlightening.

I went back in the version history to see whether I find a version that will still allow my to sync without having all the display errors. Much to my dismay, I found that 2.1.15 doesn’t have the rendering issues, yet doesn’t allow me to sync and the next version 2.1.20 does have the rendering issue, yet seemingly does allow me to sync (can’t really be sure, as I do not even get to that point).

I’m running i3 (i3-gaps to be precise) on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, in case that helps. I’ll gladly provide logs and am genuinely thankful for any hints, as I have to setup several hundred new flashcards including TeX and other formatting, hence doing it via Browser is not an option /:

Adding to my earlier comments:

On my laptop with similar setup (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and i3) the latest version runs fine.

I’ll investigate whether i3-gaps might be causing issues.

What could also be the case is that the aspect ratio (32:9) or the resolution (3840x1080) of my main monitor causes troubles.

2.1.15 used Qt 5.12.
2.1.17 used Qt 5.14.
2.1.28+ use Qt 5.15.

What do the rendering issues look like? What is your video card? What is printed to the terminal when running Anki with the two different gldrivers?

If you’re running i3 then presumably you’re not on Wayland, so forcing Wayland probably won’t help. But if you are able to start Wayland, you could try Sway instead.

I’ve found a solution (interestingly after a generic search for qt rendering issues, the ArchLinux forums came up with someone suffering the same symptoms with Anki (: ).


did the trick!

I’d love to give credit to the guys over at the archforums, yet since I can’t post links, I’ll at least include the title of the post “Graphics glitch that makes items (buttons, forms, etc) partial visible” and the topic ID: 271254

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