Renaming note fields does not update custom browser appearance

This issue was previously reported this in September 2020 and closed due to lack of time. If possible I would like to work on it myself. Could someone point me to the part of the codebase where I should look to add it?

GitHub issue or forum post? Could you link it?

If it is GitHub issue, then write make a new issue post (since it is close and old) for more clarification

Welcome to the team :smile:


Here’s a summary of how I imagine the feature can be implemented if you want to work on it:

  1. Add methods to CardTemplate to parse config.q_format_browser and config.a_format_browser.
  2. Modify parsed_templates() to call the new methods and return their results.
  3. Update update_templates_for_renamed_and_removed_fields() to set self.templates[idx].config.q_format and self.templates[idx].config.a_format.

Unfortunately I can’t link it because the forum would not let me include a link, but I’ll create a GitHub issue.