Remove Leech tag from card in UI

I’m trying to find a way how to remove the leech tag from a card when studying – I have a custom filter deck with all the leeches and when I feel I know it, I would like to remove the flag. It’s doable from the browser, but I would like to do it from the study UI (and iOS), maybe it’s somewhere my dreary old eyes could not find it…

One workaround is to add a flag to it and then later scan via browser all those flags and then remove the leech tag as well… But it would be easier to just do it from the learning stage.

As such would be nice to have a couple of more color flags then in addition to the four, and also the option to name them.

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This comment is unrelated to your leech-suggestion, but regarding flags:

Defining your own categories with named flags is such a nice idea and I believe the community would benefit from it, e.g:

However, since Anki tends to stick to a more generalized approach and I (and probably some other people) use the flags for new reasons almost every time, this seems like a classic case for an add-on.

But maybe I’m wrong and @Rumo and dae come up with a smart solution that would work on mobile too.

More than four colors sounds really helpful too and it was requested some time ago:

A greater amount of flags entails a slight usability cost on flagging during review, though. 6 colors would be the sweet spot, imo, but such decisions probably require a community poll.

You can of course open the editor and modify the tags there, but you probably want a shortcut for that? That’s not possible without an add-on and I don’t think it should be because it’s not closely related to the study functionality.

As for the flags, I’m all for it. With the browser sidebar we already have a suitable interface to add and edit them. I would allow users to define up to 5 custom flags in addition to the 4 immutable default flags. That should cover most use cases without getting too complicated or misleading users to use flags instead of the usually more appropriate tags.


Thanks yes indirectly editing flag names (similar to MacOSX color tag naming) and some more color flags would help in marking leeches for me – trying to keep track of what red, orange and blue means in my head.

A direct way to unmark leeches (i.e remove the tag) would still be good so I avoid the round trip into browser, finding the flag entries and do the operation.

Unless there’s a more elegant workflow I’m not aware of.

Yes, there are a lot of different uses for flags, so allowing more custom flags would add a lot of flexibility for the flag / tag system and would also be a great improvement for the program.

Yes, there is :slight_smile: an elegant solution and quick one, too:
add-on “Edit field [contents] during review”.

Works without fail on Anki 2.1.40, Win-8.

An underestimated add-on; opens a few Anki doors .
It is my # -2 add-on and deserves to be in Anki alg.

Oh, OK I should install it, not using many plugins, trying to keep it simple, and this will of course not work with iOS.