Refreshing my entire collection of latex equations went so smoothly I just had to say something here

I decided to refresh my entire latex equations collection, by manually removing all files starting with “latex-” in my folder, and then rebuilding from the “Check Media → Rebuild LaTeX” button.

It took a while, but I had expected the whole process to be hacky and/or possibly backfire, so the fact that it worked so well was such a delightful surprise I just had to come here and thank whoever was involved in this. :slight_smile:

Things that made me happy:

  • There was a Rebuild LaTeX button in the first place (only comes up if files are expected and missing). I admit I didn’t expect this and it was a pleasant surprise.
  • When a LaTeX error was encountered, opening the card browser immediately took you to the faulty card.

If I had one suggestion, it would be that it might be nice to actually have a button called ‘refresh latex’ which does the deleting of all latex-* files for you. Reasons why you might want to refresh your latex? The main one for me is, if you make a change in the latex ‘settings’ for the note (e.g. change in font-size), but there was no change to the content on the card itself, then this leaves all latex-generated images unchanged, i.e. the old latex-generated image will not be updated with the new font-size. Even better, it would be good to be able to do this for specific cards (as it’s hard finding out which “latex-” files are associated with specific cards to begin with, so at the moment, the easiest thing to do in the absence of a way to select only the offending cards, is to delete all latex files and rebuild all).

Thanks again for your lovely software.

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