Reference to file in folder


Starting point:
A screenshot should be inserted into a field named: “Conjugation table”.
Since the same table is to be used several times in different records in the deck, I only want to enter the reference to the image, for example:“tener.gif”.
Storage location:
" … Roaming\Anki2\Pedro_01\"

what should the syntax be?

Additional question:
What file format would you recommend for the screenshot using Anki?
(gif has the smallest file size.)

Thank you, Peter

<img src="name.format">

I don’t see much difference between .jpg, .png and .gif if it’s for general use. .Gif also supports animations and that’s why people usually use it.

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Dear Casartelli,

Thanks for your fast answer.

I tried different syntax, even your one before, but non works.

as you can see: the file exist:

I use Anki version: 2.1.49 on Windows 10

If I copy the img directly in the field the img is shown.


You need to use the HTML editor for that.
Ctrl + Shift + X or click on anki_75RNVgzNZB in the toolbar.

thanks, now it works!

Sorry to bother you, but I’ve no clue about HTML

Instead of writing the HTML directly, you can also just drag & drop the image into editor, and Anki will figure out it’s already in your folder and doesn’t duplicate the file.

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Instead of writing the HTML directly, you can also just drag & drop the image into editor

That’s what I did at the beginning.

I now have over 180 tables with irregular verbs or other hints.
Instead of searching in the folder, I prefer to type in the name of the file so that I don’t have to keep searching for the corresponding file in the media folder.

Thanks, Peter