Real Interval vs Nominal Interval

Nominal Interval is what we find in card info.

Real Interval is

Today - Latest Review Date

e.g. this card is suspended in 2018 and I unsuspend it after more than 2 years. The Nominal Interval is 1 day. But Real Interval is more than 2 years.

When Real Interval is much longer than Nominal Interval, we should take Real Interval as Interval, but not Nominal Interval.

(Or we can calculate the average, Interval = (Real Interval + Nominal Interval)/2 )

And hard interval should be
Real Interval * 120%(hard interval ratio)

This issue is already resolved.

  • ijgnord made add-on “Additional card fields…2.1”. The overdue amount can be seen on the card during review.
  • Lovac32 – made add-on “Mental pause…”. The ‘bonus’ can be turned off or reduced.