Randomize siblings for new cards within the same session

When learning new cards, is there a way for card1 to show up before card2, but at the same time I also want to make sure that card2 won’t immediately follow card1?

For example, I have five notes: a/b/c/d/e, each note has two cards. I want to order them like this: b1/a1/b2/a2/e1/c1/d1/e2/c2/d2.

Also, is there a way to achieve this with notes that have a specific tag?

Try setting the “new card sort order” option to “Card type” in the deck options. This is the explanation shown in the tooltip:

Card type: Displays cards in order of card type number. If you have sibling burying disabled, this will ensure all front→back cards are seen before any back→front cards. This is useful to have all cards of the same note shown in the same session, but not too close to one another.

When I set the “new card sort order” option to “Card type”, all card2 are being displayed after card1. The closest I could find is to set the “new card sort order” option to “Random note, then card type”, but in this case, sibling cards are displayed in succession.

Sorry, such an option doesn’t exist.

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