Programming meta deck support thread

Hey, I’m trying to create a community metadeck on Programming and computer science. you can find it here

The goal is to have pretty much everything that covers in one deck, since removing subdecks shouldn’t be an issue.

About the cards

There are a few different strategies employed to make this a good deck for long term learning:

  • it attempts to separate what is language specific from what is language agnostic(i.e. is a concept that applies to multiple languages)
    • all algorithms are in pseudo code
    • all definitions which are not specific to one language are in the fundamentals deck(which may be further broken down into subtopics of computer science
  • it attempts to make each concept as memorable as possible
    • cards are as atomized as the concept will allow but no further
    • multipart algorithms are separated into their individual functions
    • larger atomized chunks of information(such as the algorithms) utilize things such as mnemonic devices(disguised as comments) and self descriptive variable naming that tries to be as self descriptive as possible. ie not i and j
    • cards on algorithms and data structures include visuals, usually gifs, sometimes just pictures
  • it attempts to eliminate ambiguity through provided context and formatting
    • any code is left justified, nowrapped, and monospaced
    • all cards have a header built into the card template, specifying the subdeck(may add one for the parent deck) in order to clarify what domain the current question is pertaining to
    • many cards use templates what contain sentence structures (" what is {}?", “how do you {}?”) in order to both speed up adding new cards and to ensure consistent formatting across questions.

Support and Contribution

This deck is definitely a work in progress. right now, it’s mainly a personal deck that will likely keep getting updated but as only a personal effort will never become what it could be: the programming, comp sci, and math equivalent of the community medical decks

as such, if you want to make this deck better, I would definitely appreciate it, and if enough people get on board we can hammer out some sort of guidelines for doing so.

if you think something should be added, want to contribute or notice something needing improvement, please feel free to post here or pm me directly.

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