Programming a click funktion that works with the app as well

Hello, i have this have this code that allowes me to have something like a hint that shows up. I didnt type it myself its a open resource code. I don’t really know anything about coding. I just wanted a extra field that showes the other meaning or reading of my kanji.

Anyways, i have the problem that the click funktion works great on the pc but not on my ipad. I need to hit on exact spot to activate the showhint funktion. It doesn’t work well with the bar. I don’t know if there is a way to change that, but I would also be happy if someone can give me a code that i can add so that the answer shows when i press in the mid center of my screen or smth like that.
Here is the code i used:


.card { font: 1.5em/1.5 sans-serif; text-align: center; }

#hint { background: #f2fbe7; border: 1px solid #dff5c4; border-radius: 6px; color: #7a876b; }

#hint.hidden:hover { background: #dff5c4; color: #000; cursor: pointer; }
#hint.hidden .payload { display: none; }

#hint.shown { background: #fff; color: #000; }
#hint.shown .trigger { display: none; }
#hint.shown .payload { display: block; }

Thank you very much!

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