Problems with equations on destop to mobil

I created some latex equations on my desktop and they don´t work on my phone. I synced several times and also checked the card on my desktop. It work on my desktop but not on my Iphone. I getting a failure-code. If i watch on the instructions site which my anki on my Iphone provides me, there is nothing which helps me.

Maybe here is someone who can help me.


What help page did that “More information” link take you to? That will help us figure out what Anki thinks is happening.

Have you run a Check Media to see if that file is missing from your collection?

The thing is that, there is no image to miss. That what he cant read is the equation. On my desktop (Pic 2) you can see how it should look like.

Thats the more information: Cloud Sync - AnkiMobile Manual
But it synced well and i dont have images to sync. The Problem comes from the equation.
On my desktop i can see all equations perfectly and even on my phone some equations work right. But some do not.

And no i didn´t done a media check.

Its probably not a problem with the app, i currently reinstall it.

If you are trying to view Latex on AnkiMobile – yes, it is saved as an image that needs to synced before you can use it. But that means that the images need to also be generated first. The Check Media should take care of that. Math & Symbols - Anki Manual

I had some ungenarated stuff, but to generate didn´t worked.

He showed me this equation: [$]\dfrac{Bildgröße}{Gegenstandsgröße}= \dfrac{Bildweite}{Gegenstandsweite}[/$]

I had some Problems with the ö,ä,ü and so on. I replaced them, generated latex-code, synced and now i just see a orange question mark.
And at other cards i still have a error-code. But this card didn´t showed up as i tried to generate code and sync, but they also do not have some ö,ä,ü´s in there equations.

LaTeX may not work out of the box with nan-Latin characters. Unless you are doing something fancy, I suggest you use MathJax instead, as it should support non-Latin characters, and doesn’t require images to be generated.

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