Problems adding cards and pins

Odd, I try to pin but that does not work but the behavior is still that I’m flagged for duplicates after adding. Note this is an additional field I added to my cards. Anki 24.06.2/MacOSX 14.5.

FYI I did a database rebuild, but running out of ideas. My guess is something related to the pin icon, you click and it does not keep the field sticky but still behaves like a card is duplicated after adding it.

Now, even that behavior is odd, if a card is added with a pin/frozen field, especially as the field is not the main field pinned, then the duplicate messaging is misdirected.

What are the exact steps we should take to reproduce the issue?

Oh I think I know the issue, a really odd UI design.

  • When you click on the pin it should do the pin set, just now only F9 works.
  • The pin icon should switch from an unfilled pin to a filled pin, just now there’s a rectangle that is not always shown.

Clicking seems to behave consistenly for me. If you figure out steps to trigger the issue you’re describing, please let me know.

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